As early childhood educators, we know that children grow and develop at different rates. We aim to provide activities where children can explore their environment and have fun! We encourage creativity in children, which also means we are encouraging them to be adventurous, expressive, and sensitive. We offer a variety of activities for creative exploration such as art, puppetry, cooking, music, dramatic play, water play, and science. We know that children learn best by doing, and therefore all of our activities include “hands on” materials which allow children to progress at their own rates of development. We also provide enrichment activities including a science program, petting zoo and live programs presented by Jonathan the Juggler and Stretch-N-Grow.

Each classroom in our program emphasizes a different curriculum area:

Reading and science
Manipulative and readiness (pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math)
Creative art
Music and movement
Dramatic play and construction

Our children travel in groups of 10 from room to room spending 1/2 hour in each room, instead of remaining in a self-contained classroom all morning. Each child begins and ends his or her day with the same teacher.